Weird Horse Commission

$12.00 USD

$12 is the base price for one character, 1920×1440 and transparent background. Check the description for pricing

I will turn your pony into a weird version of itself!

Does not include 3D model


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  • One weird horse image, delivered as .tif and .png
  • I may be able to create something other than a horse, I will let you know if it’s not possible
  • For personal non-commercial use only
  • Possible horse types: ground, bird, magic, others
  • Safe for work images only
  • Updates and work-in-progress images will be sent to your email, so make sure it’s valid!
  • For any butt tattoos or other marks, sending a transparent PNG will help a lot
  • I reserve the right to cancel the commission for any reason (e.g. unsuitable, inappropriate). A full refund will be sent if cancelled
  • Please allow up to 6 weeks for the final image to be completed and sent
  • Final images will be posted to my Twitter and DeviantArt and may be used on this website to promote commissions, please let me know if you don’t want this to happen


Prices may differ based on complexity of request, I will contact you before sending an invoice to confirm the price if it differs from the prices below

Base price $12 USD, includes one character
Add-on Price
Extra character $8
Transparent or Solid Included in base price
Simple $5
Complex $10
1920×1440 standard Included in base price
2560×1920 standard $5
4096×3072 standard $15
2560×1920 experimental $3
4096×3072 experimental $6
Add transparent cut out to commission with background $2


Simple Background

A simple background includes basic objects and scenery with everything in the scene reacting to the colour of the world

Complex Background

A complex background includes more objects, more reflectivity, physics and particle simulations

Standard Render

Original ray tracing render engine, light reacts to objects and the world accurately. Can take a while to render so unfortunately higher resolution renders cost more.

Experimental Render

New experimental render engine in Blender using GPU, produces nice results but has some visual errors. Renders are very fast but software crashes are also frequent